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Updated: Jul 25, 2022

At Vibra-Train Hamilton I welcome everyone into my studio, and that will never change!! When the Government announced that close contact businesses had to use passports to remain open I was stuck between a rock and a hard place but I knew what I had to do.......

I stopped offering my close contact services such as Wraps, Cavitation, and Radio Frequency Face Treatments so I could stay open for everyone for the Vibration Training and Body Compositions that didn't require any prolonged close contact. As many of you know I sanitize the machines and mats in between clients to keep the studio a safe space as I value all of my clients and want to keep you as safe as possible. Also because of running the studio by appointment only I can give clients the opportunity to book a time by themselves if they wish. With the removal of the passports, I can now start offering Wraps, Fat Cavitation, and Radio Frequency Face Treatments again.

To celebrate I have a great offer for the first 3 people to book and pay for a full wrap they will receive a detox massage oil valued at $25 for free. Get in quick so you don't miss out!!

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