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At Vibra-Train, we like to say
“forget your weight – remember your SHAPE”


It’s not about how much you weigh – it’s how your body’s weight is made up that’s important.  

Traditional, and even BMI scales, don’t take into account how much muscle and bone form part of someone’s whole body weight;  they only show how much someone weighs.

Body Composition

BCA no background.png

We ask our members not to take any notice of scales.  Instead, take more notice of how your clothes start fitting.   Scales may not move very fast but body composition will.

Our focus is to build lean muscle and to turn bodies into “fat burning machines”. 

Having the BCA gives proof that muscle is building and body fat is going down – even if the overall body weight measure on the scales doesn’t shift very much.

When you’re carrying more muscle, it means your body naturally has a higher metabolism, which in turn means you’re able to eat a lot more.  Obviously that doesn’t mean anything you want!


Another example of why the BCA is one of our favourite gadgets is that of a lady a while ago who was told by her doctor she had to lose half her weight (according to her BMI).

For this woman it meant going from 140kg to 70kg.  Mentally it was beyond her.  She felt there was no way she could ever do that.   Physically, she was carrying a lot of muscle and was big boned.   After her BCA test she was relieved to learn her goal weight should be a healthy 100kg.  

She still had a bit to lose but far more realistic given her amount of muscle and bone.

Likewise, at the other end of the spectrum we’ve had women who virtually starve themselves to stay slim.  In these situations the BCA invariably proves that bone is less than it should be – which means osteoporosis is very likely in later life – and muscle is way below average…  In situations like these it’s not surprising that inside this slim body their body fat and body fat percentage is usually “obese” at over 33%. 

These women look ‘slim’ but their body composition shows they’re ‘internally’ unhealthy.

When you come into Vibra-Train Hamilton for a Body Composition Scan you will recieve an A4 printout with the following details of your composition:

  • Bone (kg)

  • Muscle (kg)

  • Bodyfat (kg)

  • Fluid (L)

  • Bodyfat %

  • BMI

  • Basal metabolic rate

  • Ideal Weights

Book a session today to see what your Body Composition is


$20 per scan



For our clients that are on Vibration Training Memberships or Full Priced Concession Cards this service is at a discounted rate of $10 per test

Sample BCA.png


What are the circumstances where an analysis can not be performed?

  • Those that have a pacemaker or any other internal electronic medical devices should never use the body composition machine.

  • Those who weigh less than 10kgs or over 200kgs (clients with a weight over 120kgs may not be able to get a reading if there is excess dry skin on their feet)

  • Those that are less than 110cm in height or over 220cm in height

  • You need to be able to stand and hold the hand electrodes correctly, if you are unable to do this you will not be able to have the test performed.

  • For those that have metal implants the electrical current flow rate may be affected.  Because the machine calculates composition based on flow rate from each part of the body there could be an error in the results.

What clothing should I wear?

The lighter the clothing the better.  Watches and Jewellery (if it can be easily removed) should be removed.  As a general rule - wear similar clothing each time you come for a re-measure.

Hands and feet need to be bare for the test so you will need to remove stockings and or socks.

How often should I have a body composition?

It is recommended that body composition is done the same time of the month (especially in women).  Therefore ,measuring every month or second month is recommended

What do I need to follow for accurate analysis?

  • Measure on an empty stomach (at least 2 hours after eating)

  • Measure after urination and emptying bowels

  • Do not exercise or take a hot shower directly before analysis

  • Make sure feet do not have too much dry skin build-up, giving your feet a good scrub the day before helps with this.

  • Stick to the same time of day and consume similar amounts of food/fluid over the day as previous analysis

  • Stick to the same time in your menstrual cycle as your last analysis

There will always be some variables in your testing - follow the above recommendations to get the most accurate analysis.

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