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Heres what some of our clients say:

Since developing Fibromyalgia, I had severe muscle pains, mainly in the thigh muscles, which only responded to painful massage with an anti-inflammatory gel and analgesics.  Exercise caused exacerbation of the pain and consequently, I did less and got fatter and more unfit.  My husband had severe muscle wasting from osteoarthritis in his hip.  I saw the advert for a trial of Vibra-Train, “A complete body work out” and thought we should give it a try despite being in our 60’s! Fitness friends scoffed at the idea that we could have a workout from standing on a machine – but we are living proof that they were wrong.  It was hard going at first, but as our muscles strengthened it got easier.  Also as we lead very busy lives it was eminently suited to us.  Even busy people can squeeze 20 min, three times a week, into their schedule as there are no appointments you just call in whenever you have the time, and the friendly staff are always there to assist you.  A year on we are thinner, fitter and have much more stamina than we had at the beginning.  Thank you Vibra-Train!  (Meryl R) 

“I have got stronger doing Vibra-Train.   I like it because it has strengthened my core, especially my weak back”   (Paul, 21 years old)

“It’s addictive in a good way.  A quick full body workout – I got the results I wanted.  I don’t have time to spend hours in the gym.  I love it–it’s enjoyable” (Lisa,20 years old)

I’m 23 years old.  I have recently come back from overseas.  Having put on a lot of weight I decided to join the gym.  Months went by and I found I wasn’t really losing any weight.  I was really frustrated and getting depressed about my looks, I was never fat, just a few sizes bigger than I use to be and what I was eating was making me put on weight and I wasn’t used to that!  I basically know I had to do something but didn’t know where to start, then a friend told me about Vibra-Train.  It sounded like and easy way to lose weight – just stand on a machine and it does all the work.  But no I was wrong.  As soon as I got on that machine my muscles got the shock of their life. I thought that minute would never end, but it did and I survived to tell the tale!  Vibra-Train isn’t easy but completely doable.  I started going 3 times a week, and if you stick with it , it definitely works.  Since going to Vibra-Train I completed and won their 30 day challenge as well as losing all the weight I’ve been struggling to get off.  I learnt how to eat properly and how to say no to that piece of chocolate.  I’m now obsessed and don’t know if I could ever live without Vibra-Train but at least its a healthy addiction.  (Karin D) 

mary before and after colour change.jpg

Mary Dropped from a Size 18 to a healthy size 14 in just 6 weeks.

Mary and her Daughter Sara travelled to Auckland 3 times per week as Vibra-Train wasn't available in Hamilton.

The 1st week Mary noticed she put on weight …. not to panic though - her body was firming.

The 2nd week she noticed her biceps forming – something she hadn’t had before

The 3rd week Mary found she was eating less carbohydrates;  not because she wasn't allowed to, but her body was readjusting itself and she didn’t crave them as much.

The 4th week Mary bought the vibration training licence and started offering the service to Hamiltonians with her personal trainer daughter Sara.  So for anyone thinking they have to be a super athlete, or have to be on a diet - you don’t you just have to walk through the door.  Mary says:  "if I can do it so can YOU". 

Mary continued Vibra-Train 3 times per week in her own studio in Hamilton and at the 6 week mark she had reached a size 14 and after that she continued to lose until getting to a healthy size 12. Which she has kept off for many years now.

“I just have to tell you that at 75, I feel that Vibra-Train is the best thing that I’ve ever done for my personal fitness.   My legs and arms feel much stronger and I’m sleeping better. My overall general well-being has improved tremendously.     Despite having a quadruple heart bypass some eleven years ago plus a hip replacement only six years ago I was able to complete the course without any discomfort and I enjoy it.” (S.R.)

“I’m a busy mother and I love that I can feel like I’ve done an intense full body workout in just 15 minutes”  (Briar, 35 years old)

“I have been going to Vibra-Train for about 6 months and during this time I have seen an increase in my cycling and running.   Over the past 10 years I have cycled on and off at an average of 24-25k averages.   Since attending Vibra-Train (usually once a week and in my holidays twice) I have seen a huge difference in my cycling – I now keep up with my husband – I am averaging 29km over 60 – 70km rides (on my own).  When my husband and I go out together the average is a little higher but so is the distance.
He has been riding consistently over the past 10-15 years and there was no way he would even contemplate waiting for me …. now?  He’s looking at getting a tandem.   I have used cycling as my baseline data as I have something to compare and measure it to” 

(L.M, 46 years old)

I am a 45 year old female of Maori descent who started with Vibra-Train in January 2010 as a sponsored client – weighing in at 249kgs.  My weight gain escalated over the past 20 years with the onset of Lymphedema Cellulitis which restricted movement in more ways than one.  Financial strain and self-consciousness of obesity contributed to not joining any form of physical fitness regime as I couldn’t envisage myself in a gym environment.  A year ago I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and have since been undergoing dialysis treatments 3times weekly at Waikato Hospital, which impacts on my attendance/non-attendance to the Vibra-Train Clinic.  Face with the inevitable, that my life would end prematurely and the frustration of trialing of many products/medical services to no avail, I sought the expertise of Vibra-Train Hamilton.  To whom I am eternally appreciated for their one-on-one supervision, continual motivational support, persistence at keeping me on track, inspirational-values of self worth.  My first consultation with Vibra-Train found me being physically assisted by two men to get out of my vehicle and escorted into the studio.  Then to be aided back into my vehicle.  One year later, I weight in at 215kgs, am able to walk unattended, have a better appreciation of the circulatory system and how important stimulation is to the body.  I am now making healthier life choices.   (Dawn T)

“I did the 8 week challenge.  After the first week (3 sessions of Vibra-Train and healthy eating) I noticed a change in shape especially where my belly bulges after having my 3rd baby 4 months ago.  After 5 weeks, I noticed another flattening of this area” 

(Rachel, 36 years old)

“My left arm is paralysed and has been since an accident in 1982 and my right knee was smashed in 2003.  After only two 10 minute sessions at Vibra-Train I had 80% reduction in pain in my knee and a 50% increase in strength.  By the end of a full working day, I could still function and be pain free. Before Vibra-Train by the end of the day I would be in a great deal of pain and struggling to walk. Vibra-Train is also rebuilding the muscle wastage in my left arm and back.  It has also improved the sensitivity and greatly improved the circulation in my arm. The arm is slowly re-growing in size and usability. The muscle strain and loss of strength in my right arm has completely gone. My life is transformed.  As of now, I have had 16 sessions at Vibra-Train.  I highly recommend Vibra-Train Hamilton and their staff”

 (Graeme W,  45 years old)

 “I was desperate to find a way to lose weight that would not cause me further pain in my knees or hips , I have now lost 13 kgs in as many weeks and now with Vibra-train 3 times a week and a slightly altered diet I feel fit, stronger – no pain in my knees and hips and have lost three dress sizes”

(Jan, 60 years old)

I’ve always been a regular gym-goer but had plateaued and was losing motivation to work for the results I wanted.  After just 4 weeks of Vibra-Train I have lost weight, toned up and have lost cm’s around my waist and thighs.  I can’t believe how fast my body is transforming!  The staff are lovely and are always willing to offer advice and support.  Vibra-Train has restored my motivation and excitement of reaching my goals.  

I Love It!!  (K. Henton)

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