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Packages & Specials

8 Week Programme

The 8 Week Programme is a package made up of a range of services that help you tone-up, lose body fat and change your lifestyle to a healthier one.

Package Includes:


24 Vibration Training Sessions         $360

24 Cool Down Sessions                   $120

2   Universal Contour Wraps            $320

8   PorterVision Sessions                 $240

8   Massage Chair Sessions            $80

3   Body Composition Tests             $45

Start-Up Nutritional Plan                  $50

Total Value                                      $1165

Package Price Only $650

Save over 45%


Start-up Special

Purchase a Vibration Training Concession Card within 3 days of your first workout and get extra sessions on your concession card to get you started on your Vibra-Train Journey.


press-up VT.png

$100 for 15 Basic Sessions (normally 12 sessions)*

$150 for 15 Basic+ Sessions (normally 12 sessions)*

*Valid for 1 concession only.  Must be purchased within 5 days of your first workout.  Not valid with any other offer 

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