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In February 2005 Mother and Daughter duo Mary and Sara discovered the concept of vibration training at a lifestyle expo.

They both really liked the thought of being able to get an effective, results-obvious workout in only 10 minutes/day, three times/week.

Sara’s experience as a gym instructor at one of Hamilton’s leading gyms meant she knew what she was talking about when it came to full body workouts, muscle building, calorie burning and fat loss.

Mary and Sara’s research took them to Lloyd Shaw's Auckland Studio and after 3 weeks of travelling between Auckland and Hamilton 3 times a week to train, they were asked if they would like to open a studio in Hamilton.  They were both thrilled with the results they were each seeing for themselves;  it was obvious to them that vibration training worked!

So from there Vibra-Train Hamilton was born!

The first Vibra-Train Hamilton studio opened in May 2005, and quickly grew to 3 studios.  However, they soon discovered that 3 studios was a bit too much for Sara and Mary to manage, so they combined the machines into the biggest studio in Rototuna – one of Hamilton’s newest and fastest growing up-and-coming suburbs.  


In June 2015 Sara took over the running of Vibra-Train Hamilton and moved the business to a home studio still in the Rototuna area.

The Vibra-Train experience is a personal one-on-one service,  you never have to workout by yourself, and now being in a “home studio” situation is much more private.

If you want to look and feel your physical best but haven’t got hours to spend working out each day at a gym, then vibration training is for you!   Here at Vibra-Train Hamilton we believe in a total body solution.

At Vibra-Train Hamilton we offer a range of services including Body Composition Tests for our clients.  We get excited watching the progress our vibration training members make each week – we’re always here to help you get the results you want.

Kids are more than welcome in the studio as long as they stay within your sight.

Come in and talk to Sara; Vibra-Train's friendly trainer and check out our studio and services

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