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Covid-19 Temporary Studio Closure

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Wow I've just realised that I never put an update on my webpage about the current lockdown, these last few weeks have just flown by!!

Hope you are all staying safe and are enjoying time with your families.

I know many of you are very keen to get back into your workouts as soon as possible to continue working on those summer bodies especially after the awesome weather we had yesterday.

Unfortunately I am unable to open the studio until we reach alert level 2. But I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be soon as I am missing you all very much.

To any of you that haven't tried Vibra-Train before your first session is free of charge. Keep an eye of my facebook page: Vibra-Train Hamilton | Facebook to keep up to date with when I will be reopening.

I cant wait to see everyone again once we get to level 2, until then STAY SAFE.

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