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Body Composition Tests at Vibra-Train Hamilton

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Vibra-Train Hamilton have been offering body composition scans in Hamilton since 2005. This technology has helped many clients access their results during their weight loss journey.

We offer these scans at a low price of $15 per scan and anyone can have one done, you don't have to be an existing Vibra-Train client.

When you come into Vibra-Train Hamilton for a Body Composition Scan you will receive an A4 printout with the following details of your composition:

  • Bone (kg)

  • Muscle (kg)

  • Bodyfat (kg)

  • Fluid (L)

  • Bodyfat %

  • BMI

  • Basal metabolic rate

  • Ideal Weights

For more info click here or to book an appointment call/text Sara on 021472974


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