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If you haven't tried Vibra-Train before then book in for your

 FREE introductory session to see if its for you.

The Vibra-Train Safety Programme

At Vibra-Train we are very serious when it comes to holding positions correctly. The positioning of your body when doing vibration training is extremely important, this is why you have a trainer with you every time at Vibra-Train Hamilton.

Holding the positions correctly ensures you get the most out of your session and time in the studio.

​The Vibra-Train Difference

Vibra-Train uses only the highest quality commercial machines available.  You will only ever see these machines in a licensed Vibra-Train Studio or in premises that staff have been specially trained to use them.

At Vibra-Train Hamilton you have a trainer with you at all times and we follow a strict safety programme.

All machines and mats are cleaned between clients to ensure the upmost cleanliness - this is why the studio is run by appointment only.

Kids are welcome in the studio so that busy Mums or Dads can continue to workout. 

Click on Our Story to find out how Vibra-Train Hamilton came to be.

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